When Your Senses Need a Vacation

Posted by Dawn on 4/26/2014
Smells and light heavily effect our daily lives. The right light coupled with the appropriate scent can take a day that started off on a bad note and give it a new sense of hope. Aromatherapy is part of this transformation process and making sure you are using candles that provide you a positive experience. If you are to embark on this journey for the senses, then we recommend that you check out the selections and styles of candles below, as the right candle is needed for this work in your life.

Exotic Soy Candles
These are not your standard wax candles. These exotic soy candles are made from soy, surprise! These candles are wonderful because they burn slower and cooler than the traditional paraffin wax candle. They are easier to clean up in case of a spill since they are made from natural soy wax; all you need is a bit of soap and water. The best part? They are clean burning, meaning you won't have black marks on the ceiling or soot in the air due to the candle. 

Candle Warmers
These are exceptional for a home that wishes have the constant scent of whatever you want floating inside. These indirect warmers give a room a pleasant smell that won't overpower or give you a headache. Unlike other warmers in the field, these candle warmers are great because they keep the wax for a longer period of time. The wax used for these candles is the same wax we use in our soy candles, so the wax itself also lasts a long time. 

Overall both options are a step up from the rest of the market. Which one fits your needs in your life is really the deciding factor.