Candles are Great Gifts to Give

Posted by Dawn on 6/25/2014 to Paraffin-Free

Gift giving is made easy with candles. They can be great as individual gifts, grouped to form larger gifts, or included as part of a thoughtful gift basket. Candles can aid with aromatherapy, meditation, and overall home relaxation.

Candles are easy to use; they don’t come with an instruction manual or power adapter. It only takes seconds to light them – no fuss, no muss, and they give the home that fresh-baked smell, without the hassle of baking.

Candles are calming. As great as candles are to give, they’re even better to receive. They can help shave off the stress of a rough day and bring you back down to earth and help you relax.

The scent of candles can make one nostalgic. A familiar scent can evoke memories of happy times; for example the sweet scent of honeysuckle can remind you of sitting on your grandmother’s porch on warm evenings.

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