4 Shopping Tips to Consider When Buying Massage Candles

Posted by Dawn on 4/20/2014

Massage candles provide the ideal balance of ambiance and relaxation. Although they may look like traditional candles, massage candles are made with cosmetic ingredients rather than candle wax. They have a lower melting point so as they melt they will turn into a comfortably warm lotion with excellent benefits for the skin. Massage candles are great for couples because of their soft fragrance, romantic ambiance and the exciting alternative they provide in comparison to regular massage lotions or oils.

If you've never used massage candles before, consider these four tips to ensure you get the best possible product:

  • Check the ingredients: Always read the list of ingredients to ensure they are safe for your skin. Some of the best quality massage candles include soy as well as skin moisturizing items like coconut oil and other essential oils.
  • Stay away from overly scented candles: Since massage candles are to be used on your skin, they must contain skin-safe fragrance. Stay away from candles that are overly scented with artificial fragrances since these might not always be safe on your skin.
  • Ensure the container is easy to use: The container or the jar in which the massage candle sits should be easily accessible so you can pour out the melted liquid without creating much mess.
  • Look for candles that feel good on your skin: When you first try out the massage candle, check to ensure it doesn't leave behind heavy or waxy residue. Good quality massage candles are made with cosmetic grade items and must melt to become a lotion or massage oil that will soak into your skin and leave it feeling soft and silky.

Whether you plan to use a massage candle on your own skin or with your partner, ensure it is high quality to enhance your experience.